How to get started with UltraScan:

UltraScan is a suite of hydrodynamic analysis tools for studying macromolecular systems on the nanoscale using analytical ultracentrifugation and other hydrodynamic methods, such as small angle xray and neutron scattering. UltraScan can take advantage of high-performance parallel computing to accelerate data fitting and to yield higher resolution results, as well as lower RMSDs for the fitted data. It also uses a relational database backend to manage your data and a web interface to submit jobs to a supercomputer, and to facilitate collaborations. UltraScan-II software can be found here.

With UltraScan-III, you have the option to use a local disk-based data management system, or one that uses the remote MySQL database backend. If you choose to work with the remote MySQL database backend, we will need to connect to a LIMS instance for your work, which will provide you with a custom website for your institution where you can securely store your analytical ultracentrifugation data in the cloud. This option is also required if you plan to use the high-performance computing backend with UltraScan. Each institution has its own LIMS interface and database, and it is used to manage your AUC data through a web interface. If you can't find your institution in any of the listings for the various LIMS servers then you need to request a new instance on the server that is geographically closest to you. Once your institution is listed in the LIMS list, you can create an account in your LIMS instance and gain access to the resources available through the LIMS. Each LIMS instance has a local manager with elevated privileges who can set up your permission level within the database to authorize activities such as submitting analysis jobs to the supercomputing infrastructure. A new user without elevated permissions does not have any permissions on the system, other than changing his or hers own information, so a higher userlevel needs to be set up before you can use the systems..

If you plan to work with UltraScan just on the local disk, the steps to get started are as follows:

  1. Download the GUI software from the UltraScan-III website and install it on your computer.
  2. Make sure your computer is network-connected, start the program and register your copy by providing the information requested in the registration form. This information is needed to document the program's usage to the funding agencies. We do not use it for any other purpose and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. If you are registering for the first time, check your e-mail for a registration link, which you should click on to confirm your registration.
  4. Then return to your program and confirm by clicking on "Update/Renew" in the license manager. Close the license manager and you should be ready to use the program.

If you are using the database backend, you will need to visit to request a new LIMS instance. Once we have it set up for you, we will e-mail you the information that needs to be entered into the "Edit:Preferences" menu item in UltraScan-III. After this step, you are ready to use UltraScan.

LIMS users are also strongly encouraged to sign up for the UltraScan Laboratory Information Management System (USLIMS) mailing list. We use this list to keep all users informed about updates, system outages, configuration changes, etc. The mail volume is low and should not impact your mailbox significantly.

Quick-start Instructions: A copy of a quick-start manual can be found here.

How to learn UltraScan-III:

We offer monthly video teleconference seminars that are recorded which go over various tasks in UltraScan-III. It is recommended that you view these videos and learn the concepts and use of UltraScan-III. A list of previously recorded demonstration sessions can be found here.