Quickstart Manual:

Steps that should be taken to get the UltraScan software system installed and configured:

  1. download the UltraScan software. You can get it from the UltraScan website at:


    Please select your platform (Linux/Macintosh/Windows) and follow the installation instructions closely (esp. for Macintosh, which requires some additional steps):


    Once installed, you will need to request a license. Fill out the license form and submit the request. Once you received an e-mail response, you should click the "Finish Registration" button to complete the installation. Next, please go to

    Edit:Preferences:Master Password:Change:
    and enter a master password (you cannot retrieve it, so make sure you can remember it!)
  2. Request a new LIMS instance. If you already have a LIMS instance, you can skip to step 3. To determine if your institution is set up with a LIMS instances, please consult this list:


    If not, request a new instance at:


    Please fill in all of the requested information and I will take care of the rest and notify you when everything is ready to be used.

    The LIMS instance is used to store experimental data, review experimental reports, and to submit jobs for supercomputer analysis. UltraScan-III needs to have this back-end available to allow you to use the remote computational resources.

  3. Configure your UltraScan LIMS instance:

    If you do not yet have an account on your LIMS instance (if you requested a new instance, an account will be set up automatically), you will need to choose your LIMS instance from the list at:


    and set up a new account. A new password will be e-mailed to you, but you can change after the first time login. Click on the "Login" button and then follow the link "Sign up for a new account". Send me an e-mail when this step is complete, so I can update your status for supercomputer usage.

    Next, log into your account again and select the "Database Login Info" button. This will show you a list of credentials that need to be transferred to your UltraScan installation.

    To do that, open up UltraScan. You will have to tell UltraScan, which LIMS instance it needs to connect to. Select:

    Edit:Preferences:Database Preferences:Change:
    Fill out the information in the database configuration panel by transferring the information in the website to the GUI dialog.

    Verify that the connection is successful, and then save your new entry. Now check that everything is working by going to:

    Database:Manage Investigator Data
  4. Please note that your network should not block incoming port 3306 from uslims3.aucsolutions.com (
  5. Once your database setup is complete, you can proceed with the actual data analysis. Data import and the steps for analysis refinement using US-III are explained in this document.

    For all questions regarding UltraScan-III data analysis or experimental design, please contact the author.