UltraScan Citations and References:

If you have a publication that used UltraScan for hydrodynamic data analysis please enter the reference for your publication in the UltraScan Reference Database

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The latest Methods Publications can be found online available as PDF files.

General UltraScan References:

van Holde - Weischet Analysis:

Finite Element Analysis and Genetic Algorithms:

Other References

The UltraScan software was developed by drawing from the work and research of numerous people who have either directly or indirectly contributed to this software. Below is a partial list of references representing work on which UltraScan development is based.

Sedimentation Analysis:

van Holde - Weischet Analysis:

Genetic Algorithms:

Finite Element Analysis:

Treatment of Interference Data:

Global Equilibrium Analysis

Monte Carlo Analysis:

Hydrodynamic Correction of Sedimentation Data:

DNA/RNA Molecular Weight Calculations:

Extinction Coefficient Calculation:

Linear and Nonlinear Least Squares Analysis:

Time-differencing Analysis:

Parallel Processing:

SOMO References:

Software Development: